Montgó Residents’ Association - APMJ
Asociación Propietarios Montgó Jávea
Montgó Residents’ Association

Next Meeting

Next Meeting

The AGM will be in spring 2019




Montgó Morning

Montgó Morning

Members, non-members and guests are welcome to attend the Montgó Mornings to meet your neighbours. Next one: 5 February 2019



Neighbourhood Watch

Contact Gillian/webmaster if you want to be part of the Montgó NHW WhatsApp group.





Happy New Year! Beware, processionary caterpillars are already in evidence in the conifers, some already walking. DANGEROUS for dogs and small children. 




Montgó Residents’ Association - APMJ

About Us

Where we are on the Montgó


The Association of Montgó Property Owners, Jávea [Asociación Propietarios Montgó Jávea] was formed in November 2001 by local residents of the Montgó urbanisations. The committee was formed the following year and Statutes were drawn up which were submitted to the Generalitat Valenciana in January 2003, leading to Registration of the Association on 18 June 2004, Registration No. CV-01-35558-A. In accordance with our Statutes, our Association is non-political and non-profit. Since the date of registration, the Association has continued to expand its membership and new committee members are elected on a regular basis.

Objectives of the Association:

  • Improve the quality of life in the Montgó area.
  • Protect the environment.
  • Promote co-operation and friendship between residents.
  • Improve safety and security.
  • Provide liaison with the Town Hall [Ayuntamiento].
  • Assist in dealing with the postal service, electricity and water suppliers. 
  • Ensure maintenance and cleanliness of streets and planted areas.
  • To represent members at local government meetings.
  • Keep members informed and appraised of matters affecting living on the Montgó and in Jávea in general.


  • On-going co-ordination with the Town Hall has resulted in removal of abandoned cars and rubbish, cessation of illegal building, paving of streets, maintenance of palms and shrubs, street cleaning and removal of broken and rusty street lights.
  • Installation of modular mail boxes at Calle Piscis, Ermita Supermarket, Punt Verd and near the dentist in co-operation with Correos, to improve mail delivery.
  • Removal of old mail boxes at Calle Piscis. 
  • Development of Neighbourhood Watch [NHW] Programme integrated with the national NHW and Police agencies.
  • Renovation and painting of the walls to enhance the entry to Ermita and Montgó Toscamar.
  • Arranging social functions to get to know neighbours and residents, to promote friendship and co-operation.
  • Providing advice and translation service for issues with the Town Hall.
  • New paving and patching of streets.
  • Street cleaning programme developed with Town Hall.

Future Activities and Priorities:

  • Provide regular communication to all members and ensure the Association has good effective relations with the Town Hall, Iberdrola and Amjasa in order to solve issues.
  • Street cleaning and plant maintenance.
  • Maintainance of roads.
  • Arranging regular meetings of the Association.
  • Increasing the visibility of the Association and attracting more members in order to add credence and weight during discussions and petitions with the Town Hall.

New Members / Renewals

All Homeowners on the Montgó are welcome to join the Association, whether they are permanent residents or part time. The more members there are, the more effective the Association can be in its discussions and negotiations with the Town Hall and other agencies on behalf of the members.
The annual membership fee is €15.00 [fifteen Euros] per household, per calendar year [01 January to 31 December]. Should you wish to join the Association, please click on the following link to open and print the Registration Form.

Download the Registration Form

When you have completed and signed the form please email to: The Membership Secretary,

Renewals: Please pay by cash or transfer to: Account No 0001130619 with SABADELL JAVEA 03730

IBAN: ES37 0081 0660 01 0001130619  SWIFT CODE:  BSABESBB

 Please ensure that any deposit or transfer made directly to the bank includes your name


Key Officers

President: Ray Bigger
Vice President:
Treasurer: Tom Hay
General Secretary: Christine Smith
Membership Secretary: Ann Hambrook 
Neighbourhood Watch: Sue Thornhill
Webmaster: Gillian Ashworth
Social Co-ordinator: Chris Michel

Hans Sleutjes: responsible for postboxes but contact Ann Hambrook, above, first:
Committee Members:
Anny Koenen de Bi - Continuity