Montgó Residents’ Association - APMJ
Asociación Propietarios Montgó Jávea
Montgó Residents’ Association

Next Meeting

Next Meeting

The AGM will be in spring 2019




Montgó Morning

Montgó Morning

Members, non-members and guests are welcome to attend the Montgó Mornings to meet your neighbours. Next one: 5 February 2019



Neighbourhood Watch

Contact Gillian/webmaster if you want to be part of the Montgó NHW WhatsApp group.





Happy New Year! Beware, processionary caterpillars are already in evidence in the conifers, some already walking. DANGEROUS for dogs and small children. 




Jávea News

SAVE WATER: Given the heat/drought, the desalination plant is at full capacity so AMJASA asks us to be extra careful with water consumption - click for more info.

Notes from the interesting visit to the desalination plant - hope it will be organised again next year as I couldn't make it! Sorry about the separate pages, but that's how I received the documents.

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Cap San Antonio: New plans for the lighthouse - click for info. 

Huertos del Montgó 
Planning permission to build 93 houses on the "Huertos del Montgó" was rejected because it did not comply with current planning regulations [this area is the last bit of undeveloped land on the Montgó side of the Jesus Pobre road] and a subsequent bid was also squashed due to non-compliance.


The Town Hall will offer its services to citizens in order to present the claim to Catastro and is presently working on a computer programme which, as of October, will allow a claim to be made on-line simply by entering name, surname and catastral reference of property.

The receipt of the definitive basis of calculation for the 2012 IBI bills has now allowed the bills to be prepared and the voluntary payment period will be from 1st October to 5th December 2012.

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