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Asociación Propietarios Montgó Jávea
Montgó Residents’ Association

Next Meeting

Next Meeting

The AGM will be in spring 2019




Montgó Morning

Montgó Morning

Members, non-members and guests are welcome to attend the Montgó Mornings to meet your neighbours. Next one: 5 February 2019



Neighbourhood Watch

Contact Gillian/webmaster if you want to be part of the Montgó NHW WhatsApp group.





Happy New Year! Beware, processionary caterpillars are already in evidence in the conifers, some already walking. DANGEROUS for dogs and small children. 




Neighbourhood Watch

Montgó NHW Co-ordinator:

Feedback from meeting with new Chief of Police on 2 July: click here

House safety tips from Chief of Police: click here

NEW! Montgó NHW WhatsApp Group: please click for details. You MUST be a member of APMJ. When sending me your mobile number please also indicate which road you live on [specific number not required].

Please ONLY use this Group for emergencies/suspicious events, NOT for general chitchat. All messages are received by ALL members in the Group who don't want their phones pinging for no good reason. Thank you!



FIRE HAZARDS: Volunteers needed to help keep the Montgó safe: not onerous, very little time required. Please click for more details.

Maybe latest thieves' indicator: someone in Calle Montgó found two 1 ct coins just inside his gate, on the side, on the gravel = two people living there??

Another scam: details here Stay alert!

There have been reports  of people maybe 'casing' a property in Calle Aries / Calle Andromeda, possibly walking a dog. A woman entered a garden in the Calle Montemayor and Calle Vedat area and when spotted, claimed she was collecting money for a heart operation. Stay vigilant!

Be particularly aware during the tourist season i.e. someone asks you for directions whilst their accomplice pickpockets you and/or steals your bag from the car, or “can you reach that on the top shelf” ... ditto. It’s happened recently to people who ‘should know better’ – easy to let down your guard! It also happens in lifts. Men: don’t put your wallet in your back pocket!

The Chief of the Policia Local Jávea visited Balcon al Mar recently to alert the public
about the following risks and scams.
Robbery - Gangs (Romas) have appeared again at the Costa Blanca. Scout groups
explore potential villas/apartments and mark them with the signs below [click on sketch to enlarge].

Romas Signs


If you see any signs on your villa or garden wall, report it to the Police. Tel: 96 579 0081


New miniaturised Video gear has been discovered at some ATMs, attached as
sort of a frame. These can record your inputs from either the left or right hand side and are able to detect your codes. Be vigilant whenever you use an ATM.

Fake Iberdrola Personel:

People who present themselves as Iberdrola employees and ask for cash payment for a bill they present. Iberdrola never asks for cash for their invoices! They use a Citroen Saxo A-1617-DD, don't let them into your property.  If you see them contact the Guardia Civil: 112 is the multilingual number for all types of emergencies but for direct communication the numbers are: Police 96 579 0081 or Guardia 96 579 1085.

E-Mails with a Monetary Fine:

There are e-Mails in circulation bearing the letterhead of the Policia National requesting payment for a fine for trumped up charges. The Police never send fines by E-mail!

Neighbourhood Watch Security Tips

Securing your Home

Door Locks. Two main types are commonly used, those with serrated edge keys and those which have flat keys with dimpled holes. Locks using the flat dimpled keys provide better security as they generally stronger and are more difficult to pick.

Tilt and Turn Windows. If your home is fitted with this type of window, do not leave the windows in the open tilt position when you go out. Burglars know how to fully open these types of windows, quickly and silently.

Grills [Rejas] Rejas are a useful deterrent, but quite often they are not securely built in to the wall and can be prised off with a crow bar or small car jack. Pull across concertina type grills are ugly, but provide better protection when fitted with an integral lock cylinder. This makes them harder to pry a part.

Protecting your Identity

Before taking your letters and other correspondence to the recycling container at the Punto Verde remember to remove and shred any letters or statements which contain your personal details. i.e. name, address, ID nos., account numbers and any other personal details which may be of interest to thieves.

Shopping Precautions

There has been an increase in supermarket related robberies in recent months, both inside the supermarket and outside in the parking lot. Ladies are reminded not to leave handbags on the shopping trolley while collecting items from the shelves. Also beware of strangers who may ask questions or otherwise cause a distraction while an accomplice steals the handbag.

In the parking lot when you open your car, do not leave your handbag unattended on the car seat while you place the shopping bags in the back of the car.

When your car is parked, never leave valuable objects visible inside the car.

Overseas Visitors:  If you are expecting family or friends to visit you in Spain, be sure to advise them to take care at the airport. Visitors arriving and departing the airport should watch their luggage and carry-on bags at all times as criminals may cause a distraction and then steal the bags.

Rental cars are also easy pickings, as they often carry stickers identifying the rental company – remove them. The stickers also assist criminals in picking out potential tourist targets. Criminals have been known to follow rental cars out of the Airport until they reach a location where a robbery can be more easily carried out. When the rental car is parked, visitors should never leave valuable objects visible inside the car.

Neighbourhood Watch General Information

What should I do if I see suspicious activities?
1. If you witness a crime in progress, [i.e. burglary, car theft etc] immediately phone 112 and report the crime. If you do not speak Spanish you can request an English-speaking operator.
2. If you see suspicious activities, then note as much detail as you can and email this information to the NHW Montgo Co-ordinator: contact details above.
Include the following details; date, time and location; a brief description of what you saw; number and description of persons involved; description of any vehicle present, make, colour, registration number, and any other details you think would be helpful.

The Neighbourhood Watch Association [NHW] or Asociación de Vecinos Cooperando,[VC] is active in all areas of Jávea. NHW has the support of the local police, the Guardia Civil and the local council. NHW covers the whole of Jávea, and will bring all the benefits found in local NHW schemes to our urbanisation, together with the help and support of schemes already in place. The purpose of NHW is to provide a centralised co-ordinating role to the many schemes operating in the area, and to establish and maintain the strong links with the police and local council essential to preventing crime in Javea. The intention is that each urbanisation will form its own local NHW scheme, with the support of the urbanisation residents’ committee. Here on the Montgó, the Vecinos Cooperando organisation [NHW] started in January 2009 and is an integral part of the APMJ.

Standard Vecinos Cooperando signs are available and have been placed at the main entrance roads to Montgó urbanisations to make others aware that the urbanisation is a VC [NHW] area. Smaller signs are available for houses through the NHW coordinator. NHW acts as a co-ordinating link to the police, making regular contact and giving details of anything suspicious seen in an area. The police will in return provide details of local crime, and NHW can pass back relevant information to local co-ordinators to share with their neighbours. This will allow residents to be more vigilant in protecting their own property, thus reducing crime and the opportunity for crime. NHW will therefore act as a filter to ensure that local co-ordinators, and police, only get the information that is of importance to them. Many urbanisations have already discovered the benefits of having such a scheme in their area, with reductions in crime levels improving the quality of life in communities, and offering much comfort and reassurance to residents

For further information about the Asociación de Vecinos Co-operando de Montgó [VC], and for details how you can support your local NHW scheme, please contact the NHW Co-ordinator at