Montgó Residents’ Association - APMJ
Asociación Propietarios Montgó Jávea
Montgó Residents’ Association

Next Meeting

Next Meeting

The AGM will be in spring 2019




Montgó Morning

Montgó Morning

Members, non-members and guests are welcome to attend the Montgó Mornings to meet your neighbours. Next one: 5 February 2019



Neighbourhood Watch

Contact Gillian/webmaster if you want to be part of the Montgó NHW WhatsApp group.





Happy New Year! Beware, processionary caterpillars are already in evidence in the conifers, some already walking. DANGEROUS for dogs and small children. 




Useful Information

  • Emergency Services 112
  • Local Police: 092 or 96 579 0081
  • Guardia Civil: 062 or 96 579 1085
  • Emergency Police Helpline (domestic violence and elderly people) 628 365 174
  • Red Cross 96 579 1961
  • Medical Centre 96 579 5811
  • AMJASA 96 579 0162

Please note:  if you click on a link and it appears not to work, you are probably using Chrome. The document opens [usually] bottom LH corner of your screen - click on it and then it opens OK.

New to Spain? Click here for info about your NIE.

General Data Protection Regulation May 2018. Click for details

Info provided by Gloria Diego: 

Process to obtain residencia – Spanish Police (in Spanish only)

UK Government website on Brexit:

Rights of foreign nationals in Spain:

BREXIT: Up-date by British Consul on 20.2.18 - click for details

Social Welfare Care in Spain: click for information.

Latest information from N332 : for example drink limits, fines, roadworks... Click for details.

Latest info re the roundabouts [in Spanish]. Scroll down to page 8 then 13 for maps and drawings. Click here.

Mini roundabouts along the Ctra de Jesus Pobre: Click for more information

Fire Prevention: click for summary of meeting at the Ermita on 9  May.

Beniconnect Bus: click for details

Xábia Connecta: A new free app for better communication between residents and the Ayuntamiento. My Huawei says it doesn't have enough memory [know the feeling!], but my husband has installed it on his Samsung. For more information: click here 

Postbox/buzón: Once you have purchased it, it is yours and should be passed on to the next owner if you sell your house. Any damage to the buzón is your responsibility: the name of the supplier is on the top of the green boxes [silver ones at the Ermita were provided by the same company]. We currently do not have any spare ones.

Your own bombero unit: click to see video

Need to renew your Spanish driving licence? Contact CUME, Calle Antonio Banuls 2 [north of Dia roundabout] 96 579 2324. Opening time usually 17.00, but may not be open every day. You will be asked a few medical questions, have your eyes tested and you have to do a 'reflexes' test. You hold two handles and keep the markers on screen on the TWO roads - not too difficult, but it speeds up a bit and the roads aren't the same!

Useful reminders from the N332 website, click for details

Cyclist? click for correct road manners in Spain

How the police will indicate you should stop: click for details - beware of 'scams' by would-be robbers

Ambulance service: Asociación Amigos Europeos de Jávea click for more information about their services. 

Driving fines and points on licence - click for info. As a permanent resident you pay half the fine within a certain period [20 days, I think], and can do so on-line. 

Emergency pharmacy [change over 09.00 daily]

Want to explore Spain? Click for info

From 27 November 2015, you will not be able to purchase garden chemicals [against Picudo Rojo, even herbicide] unless you have completed a course, in Castellano, proving that you know how to use them correctly! The Cooperativa will organise a course in English if there are sufficient takers.

Driving licences: click for info You WILL be fined if you don't have the correct licence: click for details

Climbers beware! Click for info

Bonfire regulations: click for details

Points now applicable for speeding in Spain... Details

All EU residents living in Spain must renew their driving licence. Click for details.

Illegal dumping: The Town Hall requests the cooperation of all Jávea residents, in trying to identify the tanker-trucks which discharge their contents into the storm-water drains in different areas of the town. If you happen to see one of these trucks “in action” please make a note of the licence plate and the name of the company or anything else which would identify the culprits, and send an e-mail to, or phone 96 579 05 00, Ext. 1316 Thank you very much, muchas gracias
Help Desk/Ayuntamiento de Jávea/Tel. 96 579 05 00, Ext.1316/Avenida Amanecer, 2

Health care in Spain: click for info

AMJASA: click here for contact details in case of leak/lack of water.

Traffic advice: when to indicate.... click here

Annoyed by mosquitos? Read this and check your gardens/patios carefully to avoid ANY standing water.

If you/your partner have/has become physically or mentally disabled or are terminally ill, you should be aware that you may be eligible for the Attendance Allowance. Click for details.

Need a car park at Alicante airport? Click for details.

Flexible municipal tax payments - see Useful Information

See Useful Information for how to check your Catastro details

What to do in case of a wild fire - click for useful info, although basically commonsense.

Useful info re health and the padrón - click here

New traffic regulations: Click here for details

British Passport Renewal: The procedure for renewing a UK passport has changed. All British residents in Spain must now make applications on line at  and follow the instructions. The application will take at least four weeks and longer if extra information is required. 

Power cuts: if you don't read Spanish newspapers or watch/listen to local TV/radio, you can ask Iberdrola to inform you by SMS of any forthcoming power cuts. Send an e-mail to giving your NIE number, name, client access number [Número de póliza del contrato de acceso] and mobile number. Will be interesting to see if that actually works...?! They also now have an English Customer Service nummer! 900 322 044 or from abroad: +34 91 649 6330

Flexible Municipal Tax payments: click here

How to check your Catastro details: Click here

Agenda21Xabia: interesting snippets of information and see also:

Accident form in English: click to download

Dog licence required for 'Dangerous Dogs' - which I've been informed now excludes German Shepherds: click here for details

Making a complaint in Spain: click here for details

Picudas red AND black: a member advises that he went to the nursery to obtain recommended chemicals to combat the beetles.There are various products on sale all in the range of €35-40. If you want to treat for example 5 trees, then the product lasts for 3 months. The chemicals need to be diluted and the palm trees sprayed every 4-6 weeks. If you have a garden service, they can undertake the spraying as they all have the necessary equipment.

The Cooperativa is also very helpful - and their products are less expensive than at a garden centre!

Portal del Clot – 96 579 0500 ext: 1316 Office hours: 09.00-14.00

The government in Jávea is continuing in its efforts to re-organise the administration and make it a friendlier place for the user. The Public Attention Office in the Portal del Clot [Avenida Amanecer 2] now has a new desk, dedicated specifically to the Finance Department of Jávea Town Hall. The idea behind it is to give people the possibility to resolve the maximum number of administrative procedures in one place and avoid the unnecessary trips which are especially trying for the elderly or people with mobility problems.

The Help Desk can assist in various languages.

Other procedures include tax payment, estimation of rates and fees, obtaining duplicate receipts and obtaining payment slips for fees and taxes during the voluntary period [outside the voluntary period it will still be necessary to go to the office in the Calle Mayor].

You can register the change of address for correspondence, schedule direct debit payment of IBI, Rubbish Tax, Road Tax and other taxes, as well as apply for refund of undue payments when appropriate, or bonuses on rubbish tax for seniors, large families and dependants.

Vehicle owners may request a refund of the proportionate part of their road tax when de-registering a vehicle [not in case of sale], process the tax exemption for vehicles adapted for the handicapped, agricultural vehicles and classic models over 25 years old, and receive information on vehicle imports and the make the corresponding payment of rates after obtaining the new technical card.

Furthermore, at this desk you can obtain an estimate of the capital gains [plusvalía] on your property and file the documentation for payment, and get the 901 model of the Catastro for new construction, submit the necessary application and have it sent it to the Land Registry.

Current affairs – Jávea:

The Province of Alicante maintains a department dedicated to providing information for European Residents. This department has developed an excellent website to assist European residents with every day questions and how to obtain the information necessary to reside in Spain. The website also contains a tab for FAQs [Frequently Asked Questions] which provides a comprehensive list of everything you always wanted to know, but did not know who to ask. The website is available in several different languages, by clicking on the appropriate flag in the top left hand corner of the home page. To learn more, click on the following link:

The Jávea Civic Society maintains an informative and frequently up-dated website where you can find information on matters affecting foreign residents and expatriates living in Spain, although at the moment am unable to resurrect the link.
Agenda 21 is a programme run by the United Nations [UN] related to sustainable development. It is a comprehensive blueprint of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organisations of the UN, Governments, and major groups in every area in which humans have an impact on the environment. The number 21 refers to the 21st century.

Since 2004, Jávea has conducted a local Agenda 21 programme. This is an initiative, in which the inhabitants can have input in plans for the long-term sustainable development of the town. Visit for further information.

Nationality Clubs

Dutch Club:
French Club:
Swiss Club: