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Next Meeting

Next Meeting

The AGM will be in spring 2019




Montgó Morning

Montgó Morning

Members, non-members and guests are welcome to attend the Montgó Mornings to meet your neighbours. Next one: 5 February 2019



Neighbourhood Watch

Contact Gillian/webmaster if you want to be part of the Montgó NHW WhatsApp group.





Happy New Year! Beware, processionary caterpillars are already in evidence in the conifers, some already walking. DANGEROUS for dogs and small children. 




Montgó Residents’ Association [APMJ]

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Thank you for visiting the website of Asociación Propietarios Montgó Jávea [APMJ] Montgó Residents’ Association.

We are a non-political and non-profit Association, formed in 2001 to represent property owners and residents of the Montgó urbanisations, in Jávea/Xàbia, Costa Blanca, Spain, regardless of nationality.

To learn more about us, click on any of the subjects, where you will find information on our Meetings, Social Events and Neighbourhood Watch Programme, together with other topics of general interest.

Click here for our FACEBOOK page 



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January: Happy New Year!

Jávea Players: next production is My Fair Lady in March. Bookings open 7 Feb. See What's on in Jávea


Don't miss this photographic exhibition! see What's on in Jávea

Hope you all had a festive Christmas and have a Happy/Healthy 2019!


Recycling advice: click for details.

New to Jávea and not sure what a NIE is? See Useful Information 

General Data Protection Regulation: See Useful Information 

Useful Information re how to obtain Residencia etc.

Know how to drive in Spain? Free lecture 18 April - click for details.

Permission required to drive your wife/husband/partner's car: click for details [bear with me, having difficulty with the format of the original file!].


Hill walking: We are a small (10-15 in numbers) group of active walkers who meet on Sunday mornings for hill walks of up to 3 hours duration in the areas around The Montgó, Pedreguer, Jalón and surrounding areas. We normally meet up before 10.00 am each Sunday for coffee and then drive to our start point and hike off to the hills. Many of us are residents on The Montgó, but our group is not exclusively so. We claim to be international with English, Dutch, Belgian, Danish and Spanish friends joining in. We only walk in the winter months from October until April. If you would like to join us please contact Phil on 688 611 390 and we can e-mail you our upcoming walks.

BREXIT Up-date:  See Useful Information for notes on the Consul's visit to Jávea on 20.2.18

Podiatrist/Chiropodist added to Recommended Services

Facing a crisis, need help? See Recommended Services - Psychotherapy

Basura - Emita: for those who haven't yet noticed, this Punt Verd has been removed [as 'threatened' by Fernando]

Which wood to burn this winter? Click for information

Social Welfare care in Spain: see Useful Information  


Latest N332 Magazine with road information. See Useful Information 

Time to FINALLY learn/improve your Spanish? Click for details

More information about the roundabouts - in Spanish - but scroll down to page 8 then 13 for maps and drawings.  See Useful Information

Latest brainwave by the Diputación de Alicante: see Useful Information

Fire hazards: notices have been placed in strategic positions and flyers are going in buzones: for more info on how you can help everyone living on the Montgó see NHW

Need to keep your visitors occupied?? What's happening in Jávea this month - click for details.

Anyone fancy Jazz? see What's on in Jávea


Outing for visitors if you want a day's peace and quiet...?! Click for details

Costa Blanca Concerts: forward planning see What's on in Jávea

For those who missed the Ghost Tour: see Meetings & Social 


NO fires or BBQs: as outlined in the Ley de Costas, fires for San Juan and barbecues are NOT permitted on the beaches in Jávea or anywhere else along the coast.


The Policía de Xàbia will be carrying out more drink/drug tests. Click for more details and always be a responsible driver.

Tues 9 May: Fire prevention advice at 10.00 at the Ermita/Ctra de Jesús Pobre. See Useful Information for a summary. This doc may appear at bottom of your screen rather than in a new window.

We have formed a Montgó NHW WhatsApp group: see Neighbourhood Watch

NB: For reasons best known to technology, some documents now don't open full screen when you click on them so you may find them lower left screen - I never said I was an expert !!

The Ayuntamiento has launched a new app called Xàbia Connecta to facilitate communication between the Town Hall and residents of JáveaSee Useful Information 

Javi's last day at the Ermita Supermercado was Saturday 25 February. He's moved to premises in Els Poblets [opposite Mas y Mas]: 6 5967 7732. 



Interested in Decorative and Fine Arts? See the new initiative under What's on in Jávea
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General reminder: anyone renting out their property, please ensure you leave one of these posters to warn holidaymakers of the risks of fire. 

You SHOULD all be aware of the Local Fire & Weather Watch site which keeps you up to date with weather and, at the moment, fires. Click for their EvacPack document - which I hope you'll never need!


Every drop counts ! Message from AMJASA 24.8.16: 

A very severe and prolonged drought has caused the depletion of the wells in Pedreguer that supply us, as well as the drop in pressure available to the Pedreguer Community of Irrigators which has helped us so far.

– The Desalination Plant is working at full capacity without interruption since the daily water demand of the town in the second half of August is still higher than in previous seasons.
– Although the water supply is guaranteed for most of the network, there are some imbalances in supply due to the difficult terrain and the complications in restoring supply after breakdowns caused by high water consumption.
– In this situation Amjasa is working in extreme conditions, especially in the areas located at high levels and which have a very high demand for the watering of gardens and the maintenance of pools, in some cases even higher than the supply at full capacity.
– To avoid intermittent cuts to supply, we ask our customers to use water sensibly & focus on human consumption, thus avoiding irrigation and the filling of poolsThank you for your cooperation

What to do with visitors...

FIRE PREVENTION | Attention Smokers: In the aftermath of the fire that destroyed two hectares in Nova Xàbia this week, the cause of which is remains unknown at the time of writing, N332 reminds you that there is a 200 € fine and three points for throwing a lit cigarette from a car. Many fires have been caused by this bad practice and N332 urges everyone to be responsible and ensure it doesn't happen again. (Company registered and classified at the “Registro de contratistas y empresas clasificadas de la Comunidad Valenciana") is going to carry out, at the properties who request it, the exclusive treatment against mosquitoes at a price up to 70€. Request a date and a budget by phone or WhatsApp to 0034-633-0123-78. Or Facebook, or by mail - Jaime Tomás

Cyclist? See Useful Information re road manners in Spain.


Please conserve water!  Reservoirs are at an 8-year low and although we have the desalination plant, as you know from last year, this was stretched to capacity during these two high tourist season months, so turn off taps and your car can stay dusty!

Traffic Rules - don't get caught! See Useful Information

Ambulance service: see Useful Information

Guardia: They're out in force checking you're wearing your seat belt. Lazy taxi drivers have been fined. See Useful Information re fines and points. You have been warned!

Tiger mosquitoes - rearing their ugly fangs again already: more info

Not changed your driving licence? You WILL be fined - see Useful Information

Want to explore more of Spain? see Useful Information

Cinema La Paz in Gata: Re-opened in October 2015, NOW showing some films in English! See What's on in Jávea  Bottom of page includes info about Jesús Pobre, Gata and Teulada.

Cine Jayan: Live screening of ballet and opera! See What's on in Jávea


2015 & earlier info

From 27 November, you will not be able to purchase garden chemicals [against Picudo Rojo, even herbicide] unless you have completed a course, in Castellano, proving that you know how to use them correctly!

Invasive plants: Go to Useful Information for more details about plants to avoid and which are OK.

More info about driving licences: see Useful Information

A Walk in the Valls? Click for info

GUARDIA: Beware the alcohol limit for drivers in Spain is 0.05%, which is the equivalent to a small beer, but this reduces to 0.01% for new drivers (those who have passed their test within the last two years). For comparison, in England and Wales it is 0.08%, in Scotland 0.05%.

NO NOISE! If you're planning on making any or are bothered by it, click here.

Points on your driving licence!? - click for details.

Speed limit on Ctra de Jesús Pobre: Letter herewith requesting a revision of the current speed.

Interested in walking?  Click for info

All resident EU expats in Spain MUST renew their driving licence. See Useful Information for details.

More traffic information, this time use of indicator [some Spaniards may need to look up the word?!] See Useful Information

How to negotiate a roundabout:  this is how it should be done in Spain - click for diagram.

For advance information about cultural events in the region, scroll to the bottom of What's on in Jávea.

If you/your partner have/has become physically or mentally disabled or are terminally ill, you should be aware that you may be eligible for the Attendance Allowance. See Useful Information for details.

For more information about Jávea check out the Grapevine - see What's on in Jávea.

Want to learn more about our historic old town? See What's on in Jávea.

IBI direct debit form in English from Town Hall: yet another example of co-operation with expats to help us understand bills. English translation of the form you will receive. Click here

Forest Fire info - see Useful Information

Info re health and the padrón -  see Useful Information

British Passport Renewal: this must now be done on-line. See Useful Information.

Something to Sell or Swap? See new page with that name.

Power cuts? See Useful Information

Stay up-to-date with what's happening in Jávea via Agenda 21: link on Useful Informationpage



Improved map of Montgó, showing some house numbers. See About Us